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International Internships Buenos Aires, Argentina

 Who We Are
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Who we are
We are a US company working with Universities around the world for the best educational and cultural experience for university students.
With have offices and staff located in Buenos Aires year round. We have a large known and vetted group of companies which are willing to give students an opportunity to live in Buenos Aires and do a rotation in their company with a mentor to guide student projects.

What we do
We arrange for undergraduates and graduates of all majors an internship with established companies and consulting firms located in Argentina. These companies work both on local and international projects. We also work in the area of student teaching in bilingual schools (K-12 all subject taught in English), Engineering, Pre Med research, Bio-fuel and Alternative Energy, Fashion, HR Recruiting, Hospitality (Hotel and Tourism), Entrepreneurial Business as well as custom internships and services opportunities. We are also experts in logistics for faculty run programs.
Our experienced, international team advises program participants prior to departure and provides ongoing support and guidance once in Argentina, from academic and professional mentoring to hands-on help in case of an emergency.
While establishing work experience in the global work you are given the opportunity to network for your future while learning a culture, process and have the time of your life.

Our Mission: What makes Globalearn unique
Globalearn specializes in consulting internships and professional degree students. Every company is vetted and upper management are known to us. This gives us the ability to place you in the positions which will meet your goals and expectation. With this, we have the best opportunities available for our students
Our Mission is to obtain you an internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a vetted company which is currently working with top US, European and South American companies  We will match you with your expertise or goals in technologies to advance or learn new skills.
Your internship will expose you to processes and best practices of working with remote teams with exciting and challenging projects.
Globalearn will expose you to world-class projects and allow you to work with current methodologies in your field of study.
This experience will open your mind as well as doors when you return back to your home countries. With our placement program, we can often assist you in the placement in the top US or European companies after your internship.

We believe the educational experience in working with professional international companies can only be obtained by working on real-world projects with professional teams. The cultural experience of working abroad with a team of local professionals is an experience that you will maintain with you for life.
To understand a culture and how people think, live and solve problems can only be obtained by living in that culture. Many people can be a tourist but few experiences the world by living a culture as a local and at the same time advancing their career. Globalearn-IT will give you this opportunity. The friends and colleague you will meet along with being exposed to process, procedures and best practices will make your college degree worth more and jump-start your career. The networking with top professionals will be valued for the rest of your life.

The Globalearn's internship programs run year round and can customize start dates and length of internships to meet all your requirements