Northern Michigan University - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Student Teaching Abroad K-12 and Internships

 Cultural Immersion

All Majors are invited

(No Spanish Required)

Northern Michigan University Study Abroad- Buenos Aires Student Teaching Abroad can be use in part to fill required practical student teaching classroom experience for Michigan's teacher certification requirements. There are addition program available for ALL MAJORS, where you are able to apply the skills you have been learning and put them to use in a real-world situation. Cultural Immersion

8-week  Global student Teaching

Global Student Teaching- This program gives NMU undergraduate and graduate student the opportunity to complete (8 weeks) of their required student teaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (NO Spanish Required)

Also available 4-8-week  International  Teaching K-12 (Bilingual Schools) Internships in Buenos Aires Argentina, credit approved .. (No Spanish Required)

Education Majors-This program is ideal for pre-service teachers looking to gain teaching experience with the age/grade of interest pK-12 teaching under a mentor all subjects taught in English. (No Spanish required).

STEM Majors(non-education majors)- Will be able to use their STEM knowledge and experience teaching K-12 with a qualified educational mentor. After completion of the internship when you return back to NMU students' will be given an optional path with NMU's school of education to complete additional classes to become certified educators.

All Majors- Social Sciences, Liberal Arts, Humanities- (No previous classroom experience required) Students will have a mentor and you will experience teaching K-12. After experiencing the joys of teaching and cultural immersion, NMU's student will be given an optional path of additional courses via NMU's School of Education  to become certified educators on their return.

Comparative Teaching STEM and other areas- This program is ideal for students with previous classroom experience or has completed a study aboard. The program under their mentor will let you teach and understand the role that culture play in K-12 education. You will be able to teach and understand as different cultures may view problems from different points of views, unique cultural teaching methods may be used. This program is also ideal for graduate students looking to bolster their CV with international experience.

A unique part of our program is the No Spanish is required for these programs. If you have Spanish language abilities we will take full advantage of them in the matching process of your international internship. Also with Argentina located in the Southern Hemisphere pK-12 classes are in full session during the NMU summer break.

Special Education  and Leadership opportunities are available

Included in Northern Michigan University program

All application fees and interview process to your acceptance into the program.
All program fees, and guidance fee in Argentina related to the student rotation
Airport pickup, meet and greet (Arrival must be after 9:30 am)
Bus and Subway SUBE card with an initial load
Transportation to Airport on your return (late afternoon flights).
 Student Shared Apartments during your stay with other students in the program
Introduction with mentor Educators.
Advice and guidance on public transportation.
Argentina preparation and orientation information.
Advice, assistance, and guidance before, during and after your stay with our local staff.
Group rate discount on local travel and networking with other students for activities.
Emergency advises from local staff contact from Globalearn.
Cell phone Rental with Local Buenos Aires number with incoming calls free and inexpensive minutes available for outgoing calls

Available from NMU's Education Aboard 
Travel Insurance
Credits (See Education Aboard)

Some available activities and excursions (extra fee may apply)
Pink House Tour (This is like the US White House)
On-Off Bus Tour City of Buenos Aires
Professional Tango Show
Fast Ferry Boat to Colonia, Uruguay
Recoleta Cemetery (Evita Tomb)
San Telmo (Flea Market and Art Fair)
Estancia (ranch) trip
Tigre -Delta
Hippodrome -Horse Racing
Spanish Lessons (all Levels)
Tango Lessons
Iquazu Fall Trip
Patagonia Glazier national park

View a short video and read a Blog from past intern students

A short video of Buenos Aires internship by student intern Judy Kim

Past Student Intern Blog- Hola Buenos Aires

Why Buenos Aires - Teaching internship

Housing-NMU's students will live in fully furnished apartments in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina with other students in the program. The apartments are move-in ready with full kitchen and internet. The apartments are within walking distance to public transportation and near your schools. Students may walk at night to restaurants, cafes, and shopping. The location in Buenos Aires, will give students the ability to be able to enjoy and participate in the country’s culture of this world-class city's  day to day life. This experience will put you ahead of your peers when you return to the US and start building your career.

Buenos Aires Experience- With Buenos Aires being the capital of Argentina there is much to see and do within the City. Buenos Aires is often called the "Paris of South America" with its rich architecture and also known as "The City That Never Sleeps". Buenos Aires in the hub for government, economics, art, and science. With a good public transportation system which makes it easy to experience the city, museums, and cultural events.

Our Bilingual Schools- We have a consortium of Bilingual schools pK-12 all located in Buenos Aires. The schools are all highly ranked with highly qualified mentor teachers. The schools have been visited/vetted and approved by NMU's faculty. In the application process, you will be matched with the Age/Grade and Subject preference you would like to teach. You will be matched with the school and mentor teacher which best fits your goals and expectations. If you have several areas of interest we may be able to give you more then one mentor and placement. 

Becoming a Global Citizen- How does one become a citizen of the world. The only way is to experience a different culture is by living in them. There is often not a right or wrong way to do a thing but a different way. Looking at problems with new angles and perception to derive a solution is a big part of being an educator and also the first steps in becoming a Global Citizen. NMU -Buenos Aires will give you the opportunity to be Porteños (What Buenos Aires's residents call themselves since they reside in a major port city). Many people may visit Buenos Aires as "tourist" but to experience being a Porteños one must live day to day life in the city as a local. To walk the city streets, ride public transportation, take a taxi, have your favorite cafe, and to start to recognizing your surrounding. That point that you smile and start saying "Hola" on the street to people you see each day. To be able to discover new foods. Many foods you will wonder how you lived without them and few maybe we're not your favorite. As a "Global Citizen" you became an explorer and you tried new things and new food! There are few things in life that you know before you start, that you will talk about and refer back to the rest of your life. NMU-Buenos Aires teaching is one of them!

Self-Realization-Is defined as the "fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one's character or personality." Many NMU's students have told us this was a part of the program which they did not expect when they signed up. To be placed a little out of their comfort zone, in new situations, yet have the security of friends, the teaching schools, and Globalearn always there to help. To grow as a person, to be transformed into self- confidence, looking inward with a passion which you never realized was within. Starting a network of lifelong friends and colleagues with the ability to see each small accomplishment as a next step to your careers.

Finding "THE EDGE" for your future careers- Soon you will be starting careers some as educators and others may find new directions but all that have completed the NMU Buenos Aires teaching internships will soon realize that they have earned "The Edge" over their peers. When you graduate all will have a degree from NMU many will be certified to teach. Your diploma will now give you the ability to get an interview, but it will be your internship in Buenos Aires which will get you the job offer. The interview will often take the turn to talking about your summer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina teaching in a bilingual school which will show your self-confidence, ability to adapt, and understanding of a new culture. Student have told us that employers highly valued the international experience, and it was "the edge" which was required to receive that first job offer.

The Food of Argentina- Argentina is heavily influenced by Italian and Spanish cuisine with some South American modification.  Beef steaks are what most people first thoughts are when thinking of Argentina. Argentinian beef is considered some of the best in the world. There is much diversity of food in Argentina. From the simple Milanesa ( a flattened piece of beef, pork, chicken, fish which is fried) , Chorizo sausage sandwich (choripan), to fine dining and sushi. All the food is fresh and well prepared from pork, beef, fish to freshly made pasta, and pizzas. For desserts like ice cream, Duca con leche to high-end Cannoli and delicious  pastry are always at hand with a cup of "real" coffee
Scholarships Available- The most popular scholarship for this program is the US Gilman Grant. The Gilman is a US government Grant. Argentina is given a special status and therefore the NMU Buenos Aires Student Teaching Internship students are given a priority status to the qualified students which apply. Additional scholarships are available from  NMU education aboard. Please use the contact information below for more information.

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