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Build your international experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Globalearn-IT Internships creates tailor-made internships in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Current availability in computer science,student teaching (K-12 all subjects taught in English)), , Fashion, Accounting ,Finance,Entrepreneurial Business, Hospitality (Hotel and Tourism), Industrial Engineering and other custom and service opportunities.

If you are in a field not list please email for opportunities.

Email for latest information on these programs.

Since each placement is created uniquely for you, anyone can apply - university students, graduate students or experienced professionals. You name it, and we'll not only find it but we'll also try to ensure that you get the greatest benefits.




Buenos Aires internship opportunities

We specialize in facilitating career-related internships in professional fields. We also have summer and year round programs in student teaching (K-12 with all course work taught in English) with real world practical experience rotations. Examples of internship opportunities include working with international software and hardware computer consulting and business consulting companies which often has a global impact.  

Just a sample of the opportunities we offer include internships in:

- Project Management (such as-Agile -Lean)
- Student Teaching (K-12)
-Hospitality (Hotel Tourism)
- Computer Science
- Accounting
- Business consulting
- Spa Management
- Business Intelligent
- Marketing
- Architectural Design
- Web Design
-Medical devices
-Marketing /Communications




-BioFuels Alternative Energy
-Business Consulting
-Entrepreneurial Experience
-Business Consulting
- Industrial Engineering
- Data base Administration
- Fashion Merchandising
- Fashion Design
- Finance
- Software Development
- Import / Export
- Reporting services